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deconstructing, reassembling, reimagining, remediating

staging the unstageable


Upcoming Masterclass with Adam



Harness graphic design’s creative process and methodology to make current, critical, contemporary theatre. Explore cut-outs, deconstruction, semiotics, visual narrative and grammar, assemblage, typeface, headlines, collage reassembled, re-mediated and re-imagined into movement and dialogue, sound and choreography. Graphic design methods can be used to study, analyse and expose the found material by looking at it from a new angle.


Who could benefit from this course
Theatre-makers: directors, writers, set designers, dramaturgs, choreographers, devisers, actors.


How it works
In this weekend intensive
 practical workshop, you will learn how to make theatre by utilising graphic design methods. We will use a newspaper as an example, analysing its graphic content and then turning it into a performance.


What you gain
You will learn how to use techniques of graphic design to make theatre out of any material you would like re-mediate into stage. It’s a helpful method to trigger your creativity and generate material when you feel ‘stuck’. It can also be used in a rehearsal room preparing a scripted work.

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