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I had the pleasure of working with Adam for a week where he took acting workshops for young professionals.


Not only were his workshops incredibly educational, they were also fun & engaging; this was down to Adam’s creativity in the exercises & his exuberance in executing them. Adam’s love for acting is contagious and by the end of the week we felt as if we’d learnt many valuable skills and had the best time doing it! 


Furthermore, Adam very generously offered to help me with my audition for National Youth Theatre’s Epic Stages 2019 course. His assistance and advice were incredibly beneficial and helped me successfully secure a place in their programme.



Classical singer and actor

Room 40 perfectly bridges concept and beauty

Lucy Ribchester / Dance Tabs UK


A poetic and moving work, with a delightful lighting design and a sensual choreography

Anna Duda / Reflektor Teatralny

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